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Includes Citizen Band 27 MHz (FM & DX/SSB channels) and NDB MW band. It is DRM enabled and decodes hamradio digimodes (FT8, FT4, JT65, etc.)
- Antenna: 40m length FD4 (if you don't see any signal, might be no antenna connected!). Take care, here is a noisy zone and I don't have any frontend filter inserted !)
- Here is a list of other online SDRs: portal
- Click here to see the Global DRM transmissions schedule
- You may visit also the YO3KXL 80m WebSDR and the YO3KXL Club Radio website (projects, magazines collections, etc.)
- Click here for List of local broadcast radio stations or List of European MW transmitters or RF Signals & NDB Database
- Click here to display an extended list of online SDR receivers!
- See PSKReporter for spots automatically generated by OpenWebRx@YO3FHM

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